Protecting adult female north atlantic right whales from injury and death key to recovery

Why is the endangered western North Atlantic right whale population growing far more slowly than those of southern right whales, a sister species also recovering from near extinction by commercial whaling? NOAA Fisheries researchers and colleagues looked more closely at the question and have concluded that preserving the lives of adult females in the population… Read More

An overlooked giant: Useful and abundant, African 'Zam' palm newly described for science

Common sight along road sides in south Cameroon and western Gabon, and growing in hard-to-be-missed dense colonies, it remains a mystery how this locally useful new palm species Raphia zamiana (locally known as "Zam") has been missed by botanists until now, with its first collection dating to 2012. The overlooked giant has been recently described… Read More

Far fewer lakes below the East Antarctic Ice Sheet than previously believed

AWI researchers recently assessed subglacial lakes detected by satellite, and found very little water. But if that's the case, what is the source of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet's massive ice streams? In the course of an extensive Antarctic expedition, researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) recently… Read More

Powered by windows: Enhanced power factor in transparent thermoelectric nanowire materials

A research group led by Professor Yoshiaki Nakamura of Osaka University successfully developed a methodology for enhancing thermoelectric power factor while decreasing thermal conductivity. By introducing ZnO nanowires into ZnO films, the thermoelectric power factor became 3 times larger than that of ZnO film without ZnO nanowires. For the development of high-performance thermoelectric materials, expensive… Read More

Former Kavanaugh colleague among group being considered to replace Sessions as AG: reports

Janice Rogers Brown ( Trump is considering a retired federal appeals court judge who also served on the California Supreme Court as the next U.S. attorney general following the Wednesday resignation of Jeff Sessions, according to reports.Janice Rogers Brown, who is African-American and well-liked in conservative circles, served alongside Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and… Read More

Democrat Colin Allred, who unseated Rep. Pete Sessions, won't say if he'll back Pelosi

Former NFL player and political novice Colin Allred, who pulled off a major upset by unseating 11-term GOP Rep. Pete Sessions in Dallas County's 32nd Congressional District on Tuesday, pointedly refused to say Wednesday night whether he'll back House Minority Leader's Nancy Pelosi bid to reclaim the speakership.Speaking exclusively to Fox News'  Dana Perino on "The Daily… Read More