Boeing reveals larger 737 Max 10 plane

Boeing reveals larger 737 Max 10 plane

June 19 (UPI) — Boeing Inc. on Monday revealed its extended-length 737 Max 10 model with the aim to directly compete with Airbus’s A321 series.

The new, stretched plane can carry between 180 and 230 passengers, more than its predecessor, the Max 9. The single-aisle design is the layout preferred by most airlines in a market dominated by Airbus SAS; in sales of single-aisle planes, Airbus’ A321neo model outsells Boeing’s, globally, by five to one.

The announcement came at the Paris Air Show. Boeing added that it will reveal work orders for 247 Max 10 planes from at least 10 customers later this week. On Monday, Boeing said GE Capital Aviation Services, the aircraft leasing and financing division of General Electric Co., will convert orders for 20 Max 9 planes to Max 10s.

Boeing said it plans to have the Max 10 orders ready for delivery by 2020.

Airlines increasingly prefer larger planes in the single-aisle format. They include 40 percent of Airbus’ 2016 single-engine planes, an increase from 13 percent in 2010. The Max 10 was designed as a way for Boeing to compete with Airbus’ A321 series, which as become a transcontinental workhorse for JetBlue Airways, American Airlines and other U.S. carriers.

Boeing reveals larger 737 Max 10 plane

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