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  • Surprise! 4 things you didn't know were taxable October 19, 2017
    Tax season begins in just a few months, which means there's precious little time left to prevent unwelcome tax surprises next April. For many people, the blow comes when they find out they have to report income they thought wasn't taxable — and then have to come up with money to pay taxes on it.
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  • The Latest: Belgian PM downplays rift over Catalonia October 19, 2017
    BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — The Latest on the Spain-Catalonia political crisis (all times local):
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  • Spain ready to revoke Catalan autonomy amid independence bid October 19, 2017
    BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spain's government on Thursday set in motion plans to take away Catalonia's local powers after its defiant regional president refused to give up his demands for Catalan independence.
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  • Senate Republicans cruise toward passage of budget plan October 19, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans are on track to pass a $4 trillion budget plan that shelves GOP deficit concerns in favor of the party's drive to cut taxes.
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  • China's conflicted goals: Freer markets, more party control October 19, 2017
    BEIJING (AP) — China's ruling Communist Party is expanding its role in business even as it promises freer markets and support for entrepreneurs on the eve of President Xi Jinping's second five-year term as leader.
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  • Private jets are getting cheaper October 19, 2017
    ONE of the first corporate jets was owned by Harry Ogg, the president of a washing-machine company. Bought in 1929, the four-passenger plane was named “Smilin’ Thru” and was decked out with a desk, a typewriter and space for washing machines. On sales trips Ogg told the pilot to fly low over a town, with […]
  • Companies that burn up $1bn a year are sexy, dangerous, and statistically doomed October 19, 2017
    YVES SAINT LAURENT, Lady Gaga, David Bowie. Some people do not operate by the same rules as everyone else. Might the same be true of companies? Most bosses complain of being slaves to short-term profit targets. Yet a few flout the orthodoxy in flamboyant fashion. Consider Tesla, a maker of electric cars. This year, so […]
  • On NAFTA, America, Canada and Mexico are miles apart October 19, 2017
    THESE are troubling times for Roberto Santana Flores, a Mexican maker of charro shirts, a modern take on the Mexican cowboy aesthetic. He recalls life before the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a trade deal linking Mexico with America and Canada. He remembers his shirts incurred a whopping 37.5% tariff if exported to America. Now […]
  • When the revolution eats itself October 18, 2017
    WHEN a revolution happens, the consequences are not obvious straight away. The British referendum on EU membership in June 2016 was seen as a revolt of ordinary people against a globalised elite. The politicians who led the Leave campaign did not seem to expect to win. As wags remarked, they were like “the dog that […]
  • Economic optimism drives stockmarket highs October 17, 2017
    BARELY a day goes by at the moment without Wall Street hitting a new record high. The market has kept marching upwards despite all the headlines about the North Korean nuclear threat, a potential break-up of NAFTA, and natural disasters like hurricanes.If you want to know why the market keeps rising, just look at the […]
  • More airlines are offering free Wi-Fi for messaging services October 17, 2017
    AT A time when all aspects of air travel seem to come with a price tag, one service quite suddenly has become free. And it is not in-flight dining or checking in a bag or securing an exit-row seat. The increasingly common free service is onboard messaging. Earlier this month, Delta Airlines began allowing passengers to […]
  • The internationalisation of China’s currency has stalled October 12, 2017
    ON OCTOBER 18TH, President Xi Jinping will preside in Beijing over the most important political event in five years. At the Communist Party’s 19th congress much will be made of the triumphs achieved in nearly four decades of reform and opening up. So expect a glossing over of one part of that process where progress […]
  • BBVA, a Spanish bank, reinvents itself as a digital business October 12, 2017
     OUTSIDE, a patch of grass affording a spectacular view of the Sierra de Guadarrama is littered with cartridge casings. Inside the Club de Tiro de Madrid (Madrid Shooting Club), on the city’s northern edge, over 400 people are fixing their sights for the next three months. Their business is not shooting but banking. Teams sit […]
  • The finance industry ten years after the crisis October 12, 2017
    MANY people complain that the finance industry has barely suffered any adverse consequences from the crisis that it created, which began around ten years ago. But a report from New Financial, a think-tank, shows that is not completely true.The additional capital that regulators demanded banks should take on to their balance-sheets has had an effect. […]
  • An assessment of the White House’s progress on deregulation October 12, 2017
    DEREGULATION, along with tax cuts and trade reform, is one of the three pillars of President Donald Trump’s economic agenda. Republicans promise that, freed of red tape, American firms will invest more and unleash faster economic growth. And while Mr Trump has yet to unite his party around a major piece of legislation, the White […]
  • American efforts to control Chinese firms abroad are dangerous October 12, 2017
    WARS are fought with weapons, but also with money. To understand the global balance of power in the coming decades, it helps to pay attention to the commercial subplot of the North Korean crisis. For the first time, America is attempting to use its full legal and financial might to change the behaviour of Chinese […]
  • Richard Thaler wins the Nobel prize for economic sciences October 10, 2017
    THE credit-card bill arrives. You have enough money in a savings account to pay it off—the sensible thing to do, arithmetically speaking, since the interest rate on the credit-card balance far exceeds that earned on the savings. Yet you leave the savings untouched, and pay only as much of the bill as your current-account balance […]