California police detail saga of wandering pig 'Porky'

California police detail saga of wandering pig ‘Porky’

Jan. 12 (UPI) — A California police department chronicled the saga of “Porky,” a stray pot-bellied pig found wandering without any identification.

The Ridgecrest Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing the stray animal officers captured after it was spotted wandering loose in the city.

“Today officers from the Ridgecrest Police Department recovered a pot belly pig (or the ugliest dog we have ever seen),” police wrote.

Officers gave updates on the story of the pig, which they dubbed “Porky,” in a series of comments.

“Although we have only had ‘Porky’ for a short time we are already growing attached. He isn’t big on eating fruits and vegetables; however, he is a sucker for tortilla chips,” police wrote.

The department said Porky turned out to be “a rowdy little guy.”

“His hobbies include not listening, getting in the way, and making messes. Still pretty fun to have around the station though,” a comment from the department read.

Police revealed in a comment Thursday that Porky was returned to his owners at a farm where the pig is currently up for adoption.

California police detail saga of wandering pig ‘Porky’

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