ObamaCare ruling in Texas should have Republicans running scared, not rejoicing

It has been over two months since the midterm elections in which Democrats picked up 40 Congressional seats (and potentially another in North Carolina), seven gubernatorial seats and hundreds of legislative seats. Republicans appear to have learned nothing in the interim.While political parties often have a difficult time making big changes historically, nothing should be… Read More

Willie Robertson: Our American dream started out smack in the middle of a nightmare. Then this happened

Diligent hands will rule.– Proverbs 12:24As long as there’s been an America, there have been entrepreneurs.We started businesses on our kitchen tables and living room couches, and in our backyards, farms, and garages. Sometimes we started with nothing, and sometimes we got a stack of seed money from a friendly bank or family member.We sweat,… Read More

Steve Hilton: Hey, Trump haters (on both sides) could you just admit that this is a successful presidency?

Something caught my eye this past week. It was an official meeting in Europe of the Paris Climate Accord process, which, of course, President Trump pulled America out of. When a U.S. representative took the stage to explain our position, he was jeered and laughed at - loudly.How very strange. You know how climate change… Read More

Dan Gainor: Liberal media’s top 10 dim bulbs of Christmas

Paul Krugman  (REUTERS/Franck Robichon)The liberal media are in the holiday spirit – trying to deck the halls, or President Donald Trump and his allies, whenever possible.This past week, those attacks were aimed at destroying Christmas for the right with almost Grinch-like malevolence. It wasn’t just Trump who was deemed “racist” or “xenophobic.” The media went… Read More

Democrats and the border: What they don’t want you to know

Is steel more moral than concrete?House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California said last week that she and other Democrats consider a border wall “immoral.” But some of the same Democrats who decry President Donald J. Trump’s proposed concrete wall as a 30-foot-tall human-rights violation actually approved 700 miles of steel barriers under the Secure… Read More