Deroy Murdock: Jussie Smollett 'attack' melts down as leftists self-immolate

Lesson one of L’Affaire Jussie Smollett: A rush to misjudgment makes fools rush in.What began three weeks ago as a national outrage over an apparent hate crime has devolved into criminal charges filed Wednesday night against the man initially considered this saga’s victim. Smollett, 36, now faces one count of felony disorderly conduct, for filing a… Read More

AOC's disastrous 'Green New Deal' is jeopardizing bipartisan attempts to actually help our environment

All it took for the entire Democratic Party to lurch to the left was less than 5,000 votes in New York City – the margin of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s, D-N.Y., primary victory. Since her election, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has proven time and again that she’s not done moving the Democrats all the way into the Pacific… Read More

David Bossie: Lying, leaking Andrew McCabe and fellow disgraced FBI hacks should be thoroughly investigated

Just when you think no one could be a sleazier swamp creature than fired FBI Director James Comey, fired Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe comes along.McCabe and Comey have a lot in common. They’re both leakers. They’re both liars. And they’re both lousy political hacks who’ve written books that attempt to bleach history just like… Read More

Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy will further fracture Democratic Party

Bernie is back.Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont who labels himself a democratic socialist, announced Tuesday that he is running for the Democratic presidential nomination again.Sanders hopes there are some embers left to fan from his 2016 losing campaign so America can once again “feel the Bern.” But this time, the climate is very… Read More

Geraldo Rivera: If Jussie Smollett’s attack was a hoax, victims of real hate crime will pay the price

A friend who runs a Chicago-based digital media company and I are having a debate. He claims the now iconic “Make America Great Again” hats are inherently racist, like the Confederate battle flag. I disagree. The hat is an in-your-face declaration of support for Donald Trump’s presidency, but unless it is meant to be racist,… Read More

Dan Bongino: Like Comey and Brennan, McCabe finds impetus of Trump probe 'inarticulable'

Did you notice how, during the Andrew McCabe interview with "60 Minutes," the former FBI acting director kept talking about “articulable facts?”Like ex-CIA boss John Brennan and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, McCabe was coining his own phrase to explain why the intelligence community started spying the Trump team. But the justification for mounting… Read More

Newt Gingrich: America in race against China – and the clock – to control future of tech

China and the West are locked in a struggle for control of the future of communications technology, the next generation Internet, and the flow of information.The next two weeks may well prove decisive in deciding who wins the future. The Chinese know it and are acting with speed, decisiveness and commitment. They’re moving with the… Read More