“Our Lady of the Rockies”: The Miraculous Story Behind Montana’s 90-ft Statue of Mary

“Our Lady of the Rockies”: The Miraculous Story Behind Montana’s 90-ft Statue of Mary
One of the most picturesque views in Montana comes into focus when rounding the bend on eastbound Interstate 90, about 6 miles from the historic city of Butte. On the towering East Ridge overlooking the city sits the third-tallest statue in America: a 90-foot-tall homage to the Blessed Virgin Mary, brilliantly white and perched 3500 feet above the valley floor, known... Read More

Dr. Marc Siegel: Are wireless headsets and social media a dangerous mix for our teenagers’ health?

Question: Which is a worse problem for adolescent health – the obsession with social media and its impact on the psyche, or the direct effects of bathing the brain with radiofrequency waves for hours on end via AirPods or a Bluetooth headset? Answer: Both are bad.According to one wise teen, a patient of mine, the problem… Read More

Preening college admissions officers and entitled celebrities — here’s why the whole scandal was inevitable

The celebrity college-admissions cheating scandal has two clear takeaways: an elite college degree has taken on wildly inflated importance in American society, and the sports-industrial complex enjoys wildly inflated power within universities.Thirty-three moguls and TV stars allegedly paid admissions fixer William Singer a total of $25 million from 2011 to 2018 to doctor their children’s high… Read More

I thought I knew what the movie business was like. Then I experienced this

Call it a modern day miracle. Thirteen years after signing the development deal, production of my best-selling novel “Christmas Jars” is finally shooting in Ottawa, Canada.I’ve been to the set twice and I’ve learned a bit about filmmaking, storytelling, and the Herculean team effort it takes to tell a black and white, paperback story on… Read More

Andrew McCarthy: Russia legislation shows what’s wrong with Congress

Russian President Vladimir speaks during his annual news conference in Moscow in December.(AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko) House Republicans this week joined with the chamber’s Democratic majority to pass Russia legislation that highlights the bad joke Congress has become.When not calling for a pointless investigation that will enable them to preen in opposition to Vladimir Putin –… Read More

Steve Forbes: US can beat China in 5G without becoming like China

US and China race for 5G dominationOfficials caution if China overtakes the U.S. in any tech domain it will also jeopardize American national security interests; Gillian Turner reports.China’s aggressive push to dominate 5G wireless technology has given rise to calls for the U.S. government to take over the development of a national 5G network. In… Read More

Betomania: Media in a lovesick swoon over Dems' 2020 contender

Betomania is a lot like Beatlemania – except instead of teenage girls in the 1960s, journalists are now the ones swooning for their star.If the Beatles were around today to sing about media infatuation with newly announced Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, their song would be titled “They love him, yeah, yeah, yeah.”O’Rourke… Read More