Artist Says Big Bong Will Help Save a Town. The Locals Aren’t Amused.

ImagePaul Pearson, a woodcarver who lives in the Australian town of Woodenbong, wants to lure visitors with a large wooden bong. So far he has made them as tall as around seven feet.CreditCreditNatalie Grono for The New York TimesSYDNEY, Australia — They are a collection of oversized, sometimes bizarre, objects that draw roadtrippers to country… Read More

“Our Lady of the Rockies”: The Miraculous Story Behind Montana’s 90-ft Statue of Mary

“Our Lady of the Rockies”: The Miraculous Story Behind Montana’s 90-ft Statue of Mary
One of the most picturesque views in Montana comes into focus when rounding the bend on eastbound Interstate 90, about 6 miles from the historic city of Butte. On the towering East Ridge overlooking the city sits the third-tallest statue in America: a 90-foot-tall homage to the Blessed Virgin Mary, brilliantly white and perched 3500 feet above the valley floor, known... Read More

Japan Dispatch: Japan’s Enchanting Ice Monsters, Claimed by Climate Change

Japan DispatchImageA ropeway over snow-covered trees to the peak of Mount Zao, which draws tourists from around Asia to see the “juhyo,” as the snowy formations on trees are called in Japanese. Climate change now threatens them.CreditCreditJames Whitlow Delano for The New York TimesZAO ONSEN, Japan — Ashley Huang had seen the pictures on the… Read More

Times Insider: How Our Former Beijing Bureau Chief Found Himself on a Bullet Train in Saudi Arabia

Times InsiderThere was a certain dissonance in the fact that the ruling Communist Party of China, officially atheist and repressive toward the country’s Muslims, had helped build a railway connecting the holiest sites in Islam. ImageThe Haramain High Speed Railway, which runs between Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. “In China, I had taken many… Read More

36 Hours: 36 Hours in St. Barts

This tiny Caribbean paradise has almost fully rebounded from a devastating hit by Hurricane Irma; for visitors, that means endless beach-going, eating, drinking and shopping.ImageHarborside Gustavia is the capital of St. Barts.CreditCreditDanielle La Rocco for The New York TimesBy Zack O’Malley GreenburgMarch 14, 2019Arriving in St. Barts can feel like a near-death experience: A pilot’s… Read More