As Americans Drink Less Alcohol, Booze Makers Look Beyond the Barrel

Americans are increasingly laying off the booze, prompting the world’s biggest brewers and liquor companies to push beyond their traditional fare and roll out teas, energy drinks and nonalcoholic spirits. New data show that U.S. alcohol volumes dropped 0.8% last year, slightly steeper than the 0.7% decline in 2017. Beer was worst hit, with volumes… Read More

PPG Says U.S. Attorney's Office Investigating Paint Giant's Accounting Practices

PPG Industries Inc. on Thursday said federal prosecutors are investigating accounting irregularities at the company, ratcheting up pressure on the paint giant that is also facing a push by an activist investor to break itself apart. PPG said U.S. attorneys are looking into the same improper accounting practices from 2017 into which the U.S. Securities… Read More

Sean Hannity: Pelosi is too busy hating Trump to care about shutdowns, furloughed workers and angel moms

In the middle of a partial government shutdown, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was all set to leave on a jet plane -- well, actually a U.S. military plane -- on your dime and embark on a seven-day excursion with other Democratic members of Congress. That is, until President Trump pulled the plug.In a letter, the president… Read More

Tucker Carlson: Democrats believe walls are immoral — and that God agrees with them

As the federal shutdown continues, Democrats have coalesced around a rationale for their continued opposition to a border wall.They’re no longer telling you that walls are too expensive. That was a laughable argument coming from the left, so they’ve given up. They’re not telling you not that walls don’t work, because obviously they do. Everybody… Read More

Ed Rollins: If Trump thinks Pelosi will back down when he counterpunches he’s gonna be very surprised

As the longest government shutdown in history continues, negotiations have moved from a serious policy discussion, to political hardball and now to a game of throwing hand grenades. Rocket launchers come next.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., suggested Wednesday to President Trump that he should postpone his State of the Union speech – scheduled for Jan.… Read More

Why the Women's March is collapsing just two years after it began (hint: the social justice movement)

At first, the Women’s March seemed like the perfect antidote to the violent demonstrations that erupted around the country as Donald Trump took the oath of office to become president on Jan. 20, 2017. It was spontaneous and organic, peaceful and professional. Most importantly, it was sympathetic.But this genial façade was only a mirage. This… Read More

Alex Berenson: Pot is not a cure-all medicine – I told the truth and the backlash has been incredible

The last week – the week since my new book "Tell Your Children" reached bookstores – has been more than eye-opening.I knew that writing a book that suggested marijuana was not a cure-all medicine, and that cannabis may even cause psychosis and violence, would cause blowback from cannabis users, the people who profit by selling… Read More