Jose Canseco says he is looking for Bigfoot and UFOs

Jose Canseco says he is searching for Bigfoot and UFOs Ex-baseball player Jose Canseco has officially joined the group that believes “the truth is out there” and is on the hunt for UFOs and Bigfoot. The eccentric and controversial Canseco, who has a long history of making wild and outlandish comments on Twitter, said he was launching a “Bigfoot and alien Excursion,” listing... Read More

Woman's Obituary Jokes About Finally Having 'Smoking Hot Body' Thanks To Cremation

Sybil Hicks’ death was announced by her children in the most amusing way. They penned a first-person obituary for their beloved mother in which they pretended that she boasted about finally having “the smoking hot body I have always wanted … having been cremated.” The tongue-in-cheek tribute for the late Baysville, Ontario, woman — who… Read More