H&M appoints ‘diversity leader’ after ‘coolest monkey’ hoodie

H&M appoints ‘diversity leader’ after ‘coolest monkey’ hoodie


H&M appoints ‘diversity leader’ after ‘coolest monkey’ hoodie

H&M is trying to counter international backlash after a controversial ad with a black child in a “coolest monkey in the jungle” sweatshirt.

The company announced Tuesday that it would hire a diversity leader to counter internal issues.

“The recent incident was entirely unintentional, but it demonstrates so clearly how big our responsibility is as a global brand. We have reached out, around the world, inside and outside H&M to get feedback,” the clothing company said in a statement.

“Our commitment to addressing diversity and inclusiveness is genuine, therefore we have appointed a global leader, in this area, to drive our work forward.”

Annie Wu, the current global manager of employee relations, will add the role to her responsibilities, according to CNN.

Several celebrities cut ties with the company after the sweatshirt went viral online, including The Weeknd, LeBron James and G-Eazy.

H&M apologized on Jan. 9, saying it would stop selling the sweatshirt.

Stores in South Africa were closed after protesters trashed the locations.

“We continue to monitor the situation closely and will open the stores as soon as the situation is safe again,” H&M said.

H&M appoints ‘diversity leader’ after ‘coolest monkey’ hoodie

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