Mother of N.J. man confirms he left home to join ISIS

Mother of N.J. man confirms he left home to join ISIS

A son of Albanian-immigrants left his home in New Jersey to join the Islamic State in Syria where he would become a senior commander, his mother and court documents say.

Ltefaji Hoxha confirmed to NBC10 that her 25-year-old U.S. born son Zulfi Hoxha joined the terrorist group and said “he hated people” at the mosque he attended.

“I said, ‘Don’t go over there to the mosque, it’s not looking good,’” she said, adding that Hoxha never spoke about terrorism before traveling to Syria.

Hoxha appears in an ISIS propaganda video released last May as Abu Hamza al-Amriki urging attacks in the U.S.

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“Liberate yourself from hellfire by killing a kafir,” al-Amriki says in the video, dressed in combat gear and kneeling before rocket launchers.

Ltefaji Hoxha says she’s “very upset” her son chose that path.

Hoxha graduated from Atlantic City High School in 2010, and his family still lives in the Jersey Shore community of Margate where he was raised.

His name also appears in federal court documents in a terrorism case involving David (Daoud) Wright, an American who was convicted in December of supporting ISIS, according to the Atlantic.

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The filings also say Hoxha joined ISIS in April 2015.

Law enforcement officials haven’t confirmed or denied any investigation into Hoxha.

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Mother of N.J. man confirms he left home to join ISIS

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