Paramedics free young girl's arm from gumball machine

Paramedics free young girl’s arm from gumball machine

Nov. 21 (UPI) — A customer at a California pizzeria captured video of a precocious young girl having her hand freed from inside a gumball machine by paramedics.

The video, filmed earlier this month at a restaurant in Lake Forest, shows the paramedics dismantling the machine while the polite toddler addresses them as “sir” and asks questions ending in “please.”

The paramedics are able to free the girl’s hand, and she rewards one of them with a big hug.

“Was ordering a pizza and talking to the owner, Raj, when this happened. I tried to calm the mother, father and child down and said not to worry. When paramedics came to the site that is when I started recording,” the filmer wrote. “I wanted to share this because the ending was a positive result that involved family, food, and a cute ending.”

Paramedics free young girl’s arm from gumball machine

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