If you’ve ever had a bad day at work, spare a thought for Greg James. 

The radio host spent more than 30 hours in an escape room this week as part of a stunt for the BBC Radio 1 “Breakfast Show.” 

With more than 1 million potential combinations for the code and a set of cryptic clues, James’ ordeal made for great listening: 


So @gregjames has been handed this note, blindfolded and removed from Radio 1 HQ by a mystery man in a black jacket. @scott_mills will be presenting until further notice… pic.twitter.com/vXlg88hVWj

— BBC Radio 1 (@BBCR1) February 18, 2019

I dont think @gregjames is ever going to get out 😂 #R1EscapeRoom think he’s going a little bit crazy 🤪

— Callie Gower (@Callie_g_uk) February 19, 2019

Twenty four hours in the room and @gregjames is appealing for help on the actual news #R1EscapeRoom pic.twitter.com/LALCY7Ccsg

— Roushan Alam (@roushanalam) February 19, 2019

Me trying to figure out the code to get @gregjames out of the #R1EscapeRoom pic.twitter.com/igTZblPd0U

— C a r y s (@lowerthan_carys) February 19, 2019

Watch the moment James finally cracked the code in the clip below:

YOU DID IT! 🙌🔓@gregjames was blindfolded in the middle of his Radio 1 Breakfast Show before being taken to the #R1EscapeRoom and locked in until YOU helped him find the code.

Nearly 30 hours later he is OUT and how it happened will blow your mind! THANK YOU 🤯 pic.twitter.com/BBFKT9mCc1

— BBC Radio 1 (@BBCR1) February 19, 2019