Showers, thunderstorms to impact New England Tuesday

Showers, thunderstorms to impact New England Tuesday

Clouds will begin to arrive Monday night before a warm and humid Tuesday delivers a stormy afternoon.

Temperatures Tuesday will rise to the upper 70s or even 80 degrees as a frontal boundary arrives from the south. That boundary is stalled Monday between some warmer air and cooler conditions to the south.

“The front is going to start to lift toward us tomorrow and that is going to bring us some showers and thunderstorms,” said StormTeam 5 meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon.

Some spot showers may be around Tuesday morning, but midday clearing will allow some sunshine to warm our region and add instability to the atmosphere. Around 5 p.m., the storms will begin.

The storms that arrive Tuesday have a high likelihood of bringing gusty winds and lightning, she said.

“The storms continue through about 8:00 in the evening,” Fitzgibbon said.

Fitzgibbon added that she expects to be watching a seesaw of weather through the rest of the week.

Another cool front will drop down from the north Wednesday, pushing the humid air down to the south. Fizgibbon said we can expect a dry and mostly sunny Thursday before rain returns Friday afternoon and intensifies Saturday.

The rain at the end of the week is expected to involve moisture that is currently developing southwest of the Florida peninsula.

Showers, thunderstorms to impact New England Tuesday

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