WATCH: Marshmello and Bastille perform 'Happier' live on 'GMA'

WATCH:  Marshmello and Bastille perform 'Happier' live on 'GMA'

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Transcript for Marshmello and Bastille perform ‘Happier’ live on ‘GMA’

Oh yeah. So talented they also have a number one single got happier. And I didn’t perform it right now for the first time on morning television here’s happy. Anything can top it students who do you have to. Countless hands and he helped me. When moaning columns. At least you won’t be picked. Handling car out of than in in a defiant and EPA. Every argue it’s every word today. It’s happening I think now people don’t live in his story. Okay. And so wouldn’t mind who. The agency you being with someone else it’s eating me Tom me and stop. Will be. We pretend to oh. Now we come together these regions involved away from the wreck creating. It’s. It is. Yeah. So yeah. I won’t see you through. I’ll excuse you. That still need. See you can be happy news. Okay. Okay.

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{“id”:59029209,”title”:”Marshmello and Bastille perform ‘Happier’ live on ‘GMA'”,”duration”:”4:05″,”description”:”The music duo rock out to their latest hit, live from Times Square. “,”url”:”″,”section”:”GMA”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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