WATCH: Michael Strahan and Sara Haines model Whoopi Goldberg's Christmas sweaters

WATCH:  Michael Strahan and Sara Haines model Whoopi Goldberg's Christmas sweaters

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Transcript for Michael Strahan and Sara Haines model Whoopi Goldberg’s Christmas sweaters

guest and my friend. This legendary comedian, author and actress has portrayed almost every kind of character under the sun, one of my favorites, “Ghost.” You know her from “The lion king,” “The color purple,” and of course, “The view.” Without further ado, give I want for got winner, whoopi Goldberg. She has been so excited for you to get here. I swear. She would kick me out of here for you. Whenever we say your name though, because we have talked about you before — and there goes the earring. That earring has seen more floor than ear. Absolutely. That happened on the set all the time. Were they meant to be worn? I don’t think so. Every time I lose an ounce, an earring falls. This is afternoon. It’s great. Y’all should be partying, right? I say that, right? I know I’m late with Halloween, but I got these for you guys. I was in England, and so I went to — It’s all chocolate. That’s all chocolate. Beautiful. That’s like high end, whoopi. You reached in the pocketbooks for us. Thank you. You know, if you are going to bring somebody something, especially if it’s something to eat, you better make it eat. And nothing says I love you like a skull head. I love it. But as I said, before y’all start texting and e-mailing stuff, I know it was two weeks ago, okay? I am aware, but I wasn’t here except to give Michael his sweater because I came to make sure he got his, but I hadn’t gotten here to give Sara her sweater. So this is your sweater, and — Thank you. And this is the sweater for the baby. You’re making mini sweaters now? Yes. I sell all of these in zappos because it’s a good price and a good product, but the thing I really wanted because I put little kids in giant sweaters and it was terrible, I thought better to just get and, you know, it’s a little wide so that you can — It makes me feel super skinny, whoopi. Thank you. But what you can do is you don’t need a jacket. You can put on anything you need under there. So — Yes. And Michael, you know, you can put your skulls in there because it’s a stocking. Oh my gosh. And your lollipop. That’s right. Look at the baby’s. Look at the baby’s. Oh, the baby one. So, you know, I really — I like to have a little fun. That is so cute. So I just — and the little kids were, like, well, I want a sweater, and I always forgot and so now I’m doing the little kid sweaters. You know he calls you oopi so when I give this, I’m going to say it’s from oopi, he’s going to be so excited. He calls her oopi. He goes, oopi. So does your granddaughter. Charlie rose. Well, now I told Michael, but I didn’t tell you. So she has somehow — she has figured out my last name so I went to get her one day to pick her up because her mom said, will you go get her and I said, sure. She said, hi, oopi Goldberg. I was, like — what did you just say? She said, hi, oopi Goldberg. I said, how do you know that? She goes, I know you’re oopi Goldberg. She is going to go oopi Goldberg, egot winner. That’s what’s going to start next. You’re an egot winner. This is the third year you have been designing these sweaters, but when you design something, as a designer, you need models. So as we go into commercial break, we have two models here, and we’re going to strut our stuff for you. How about that? Yeah. Runway. I love you, whoopi. I love you too.

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